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Home > Auctions > 25th February 2020 > Very Large Western Asiatic Sassanian Cylinder Seal with King at a Calendar Festival with Banquet

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LOT 2188

GBP (£) 500 - 700
EUR (€) 590 - 820
USD ($) 650 - 910

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£450 (EUR 528; USD 587) (+bp*)

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Very Large Western Asiatic Sassanian Cylinder Seal with King at a Calendar Festival with Banquet

3rd-7th century AD

A substantial rock crystal or glass cylinder seal, the king, bearded and with a bun behind his neck, with pinnacled crown with sun disc and crescent moon and two large crown bandages, dressed in a knee-length robe over long trousers, sitting on a throne with his upper body in front view, with crossed legs, and looking to the right; the throne supported by two winged horse protomes, shown in side view; the king holds in the hand of his left angled arm a small wine bowl and looks up at an angel floating down from the heaven, who offers him with both hands a scarf, sash or belt, probably as an insignia of power; an altar, standing in front of the throne, but shown in the picture below it, is in the form of a folding table, on the back of which lies a cloven-hoofed animal with a bent back head that protrudes far over the edge of the table; to the right of the table are a large bowl, five large cups and a large wine jug with a long neck, filled with food and wine for consumption during the cult feast; around the king are four female servants, clockwise from the top left, a singer, a cup-bearer, a kneeling lute player, and a kneeling flute player; behind the musicians is a large vine with two grapes and six leaves, the stem of which sprouts from a root of three balls; a seven-pointed star as symbol of a deity and ten times seven dots each, arranged in the form of a rosette, are still distributed over the image; accompanied by a museum-quality impression. 62.1 grams, 53mm (2"). Very fine condition, some minor chipping.

Property of a North West London gentleman; part of his father's collection formed during the 1980s.