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LOT 0005

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Egyptian Royal Shabti of Ramesside Prince Khaemwaset

New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, 1292-1189 BC

A blue-glazed composition shabti figurine for prince Khaemwaset wearing a bag wig with the sidelock of a Sem-priest, face detailed in black; wearing an usekh collar, arms crossed at the chest holding flails, seed-bag on the back; a vertical column of hieroglyphic text to the front of the body and legs; accompanied by a custom-made display stand. 178 grams, 15.9cm (814 grams total, 22.7cm including stand) (6 1/4" (9")). Fine condition.

Old Spanish collection.
Gallery Drees Archeo, Brussels 2009.
Private collection of Egyptologist Paul Whelan, Hertfordshire, UK.
Accompanied by a copy of the Gallery Drees Archeo invoice no.3387 with provenance as stated.
This lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by AIAD certificate number no.11067-182418.

Khaemwaset was the fourth son of Ramesses II and has been described as the first Egyptologist because of his efforts in restoring monuments of earlier kings and nobles, including the statue of the son of King Khufu, Prince Kawab. He became a Sem-priest of Ptah in Memphis and during his time created an underground gallery for the burial of several Apis bulls, the bull being a sacred animal to god Ptah. The burial of Khaemwest was found by Auguste Mariette in the Serapeum, burial place of the Apis bulls, in 1858. Many of the finds, including shabtis, are displayed in The Louvre, Paris.