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LOT 326

Sold for (Inc. bp): £316

(Silver, 1.16 grams, 16.54mm.).

Milan. 395-423 AD. Obv: DN ARCADI-VS PF AVG, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right. Rev: VIRTVS RO-MANORVM, Roma seated left on cuirass, holding Victory (with wreath and palm branch held forwards) on globe, and sceptre. Mintmark MDPS in exergue. Extremely fine; very rare.

From the Filey, Yorkshire Hoard, 2009 (disclaimed under Treasure Act, 1996, reference 2009:T286). With the British Museum's annotated coin envelope and a copy of the BM disclaiming letter dated 10th September 2009.

RIC IX Milan 32b; cf Sear (1988) 4227.

This type with sceptre instead of a spear is not in RIC but is a known type.