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LOT 0010

GBP (£) 500 - 700
EUR (€) 560 - 790
USD ($) 630 - 880

Sold for: £550
(Inc. bp*)

Egyptian Painted Cartonnage Group

Late Period, 664-332 BC

A group of two sub-rectangular cartonnage fragments of different sizes, one fragment depicting a single standing figure facing right, wearing the hieroglyph (meaning 'throne') of the goddess Isis as a head ornament, holding an ankh, facing a stand with a 'globe' and bird, much surviving red, yellow, black and green pigmentation; one fragment featuring a figure wearing the hieroglyph (meaning 'lady of the house') of the goddess Nephthys as a head ornament, the second a mummiform figure with sceptre and sun disk head ornament; much surviving pigmentation. 61 grams total, 18.5-21cm (7 1/4 - 8 1/4"). Fair condition. [2]

Property of a Middlesex lady; acquired on the London art market in 2007; formerly in a 1970s private collection.