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Home > Auctions > 1st September 2020 > Romano-Egyptian Painted Anthropoid Mask

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LOT 0001

GBP (£) 2,500 - 3,500
EUR (€) 2,770 - 3,880
USD ($) 3,280 - 4,600

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£2,340 (EUR 2,593; USD 3,073) (+bp*)

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Romano-Egyptian Painted Anthropoid Mask

Roman Period, 30 BC-323 AD

A polychrome gesso-covered wooden mummy mask with striped headdress held by a forehead band of red, blue and black detailing. 1.3 kg total, 37cm including stand (14 1/2"). Fine condition, some wear and repainting.

Property of a London gentleman; previously in a Canadian private collection prior to 1985.
See Fluck, C. & Helmecke, G., Burial Practice, in Fluck et al. Egypt: Faith After the Pharaohs, London, 2015, for a discussion of funerary practice in the Ptolemaic and Romano-Egyptian periods; also Taylor, J.H., Death and the Afterlife in Ancient Egypt, London, 2001.