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Home > Auctions > 1st September 2020 > Mesoamerican Mayan Bead Necklace with Mask Pendant

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LOT 0538

GBP (£) 3,000 - 4,000
EUR (€) 3,320 - 4,430
USD ($) 3,940 - 5,250

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£2,250 (EUR 2,493; USD 2,955) (+bp*)

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Mesoamerican Mayan Bead Necklace with Mask Pendant

Classical Period, 250-900 AD or later

A restrung necklace of greenstone cylindrical and barrel-shaped beads, with centrepiece of a ceramic facing mask with feline features. 217 grams, 70cm (27 1/2"). Fine condition. Rare.

Property of an Italian collector living in Torino; part of her family's collection since 1965; by descent from her grandmother in 1993; accompanied by a copy of the Italian export permit and an academic report by Emilio J. Bejarano Erosa (Director of the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico, 1968-1982).