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Marlik Spearhead with Pronounced Ridge

14th-10th century BC

A heavy bronze spearhead, oval blade with gently curved shoulders and strong midrib, flat rectangular sectioned tang tapering to a sharply bent end. 432 grams, 45.8cm (18"). Fine condition.

Ex Abelita family collection, 1980-2015.

See similar spearhead in Khorasani M.M., Arms and Armour from Iran. The Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar Period, Tübingen, 2006, item 270, for type and p.241.

The spearhead belongs to the type V of the heavy spearheads, similar to the ones excavated by Dr. Negahban in Tomb 47 (Trench XXIIE) of the Marlik necropolis. The heavy spearheads, cast in one piece, usually have an oval blade with rounded gently curved shoulders and a rounded midrib near the tang.