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LOT 0062

GBP (£) 35,000 - 45,000
EUR (€) 38,760 - 49,830
USD ($) 45,700 - 58,760

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£35,000 (EUR 38,755; USD 45,704) (+bp*)

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Roman Marble Head of Gaius Caesar

Augustan Period, 20 BC-4 AD

A carved marble bust of Gaius Iulius Caesar Vipsanius, probably at the age of fifteen, with characteristic Julian hairstyle, youthful features with large eyes and broad nose, small ears; the head turned slightly towards the right shoulder; mounted on a custom-made stand. 17.3 kg total, 48.5cm including stand (19"). Fair condition, professionally cleaned.

Property of a central London gentleman; previously in a private UK collection; before that acquired on the London art market by the previous owner's late father, in the 1970s; accompanied by an archaeolgical report by Dr Raffaele D'Amato and a scholarly note TL 5303 by Dr Ron Bonewitz.
See Toynbee, J.M.C. Roman Historical Portraits, London, 1978, p.133, 162; see also La Rocca, E., Rom als Vorbild für Pompeji: Aspekte der Kolonisierung in Pompeji wiederentdeckt: Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig, Rome, 1994, pp. 27-50; see also Hurlet, F., Les collègues du prince sous Auguste et Tibère. De la légalité républicaine à la légitimité dynastique, Rome: École Française de Rome, 1997, pp.5-692. (Publications de l'École française de Rome, 227); see also La Rocca, E., Ensoli S., Aurea Roma, dalla città pagana alla città cristiana, Roma, 2000; La Rocca, E. (ed.), Augusto (catalogue exhibition) , Milano, 2013.
A large number of portraits of Gaius Caesar, grandson of Augustus and son of Julia and Agrippa, survive. In the delicacy of the facial features, this portrait shows a similarity to that in the Oliveriano museum in
Pesaro, a depiction of a confident and decisive teenager ready to fulfil his role as Princeps Iuventutis.