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LOT 8171

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Roman Imperial Coins - Macrinus - Unlisted Securitas Denarius

April-December 217 AD

Obv: IMP C M OPEL SEV MACRINVS AVG legend with laureate, cuirassed bust right with youthful features and short beard. Rev: PONTIF MAX TR P PP legend with Securitas seated facing, head left, holding sceptre, left arm resting on column, legs crossed. 2.22 grams. Good very fine. Extremely rare; not listed in standard catalogues. [No Reserve]

Property of a London gentleman; acquired by his father in the 1970s; thence by descent.
See (this coin).
Not listed in RIC, RSC, Cohen and Cohen additions or Sear; this reverse legend belongs to the first RIC group, RIC iv(2), 2-4, before Macrinus became a consul, also see RIC 24 variant (with PONTIF MAX TR P COS PP).