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Home > Auctions > 25th February 2020 > Roman Life-Size Statue Arm

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LOT 0106

GBP (£) 2,000 - 3,000
EUR (€) 2,390 - 3,590
USD ($) 2,590 - 3,890

£1,800 (EUR 2,155; USD 2,335) (+bp*)

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Roman Life-Size Statue Arm

1st century BC-1st century AD

A bronze statue interlocking arm comprising: right hand with fingers slightly spread and thumb poised, detailing to the nails; forearm with flared wrist and flexed elbow; the proportions indicating a child as the likely subject. 1.9 kg total, 32cm total (12 1/2"). Fine condition, some accretions. [2]

Property of a London lady; from her family collection formed in the 1970s.
The attitude of the hand and arm are typical of Roman bronze imagery, such as the Marcus Aurelius equestrian statue in the Capitoline Museum, Palazzo dei Conservatori, Rome, where the emperor's right hand is extended in a pose similar to the present piece.