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LOT 0418

GBP (£) 18,000 - 24,000
EUR (€) 21,000 - 28,000
USD ($) 23,220 - 30,950

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£18,000 (EUR 20,999; USD 23,216) (+bp*) Add to Watch list

Greek Highly Tinned Chalcidian Helmet

5th-4th century BC

A sheet bronze helmet of Chalcidian type with keeled bowl and carination above the brow, low neck-guard to the rear and raised flange rim extending to the D-shaped ear and eye-recesses; short lozengiform nasal with rim; three-looped hinge fittings to each side for attachment of separate cheek-guards; the outer face tinned for an imposing appearance and to create a glancing surface; mounted on a custom-made stand. 2.8 kg, 38cm including stand (15"). Fine condition.

Property of a London gentleman; acquired in 2014 from David Aaron Gallery, Berkeley Square, London, W1; previously with Royal-Athena Galleries, New York, US; formerly in a private collection, London, UK; acquired prior to the mid-1950s; accompanied by a copy of an Art Loss Register certificate report number S00142456 and a copies of the relevant Royal-Athena Gallery published catalogue pages.

See Masson, M. E., Pugachenkova, G. A. Parfi anskie ritony Nisy (Parthian rhyta from Nisa). Al’bom illiustratsii (Album of illustrations), Moscow, 1956; Beglova, E. A., Antichnoe nasledie Kubani (Ancient heritage of Kuban) III, Moscow, pp.410-422 (in Russian); Dedjulkin A. V., 'Locally Made Protective Equipment of the Population of North-Western Caucasus in the Hellenistic Period', in Stratum Plus, n.3, 2014, pp.169-184; Симоненко А. В., 'Шлемы сарматского времени из Восточной Европы' (Sarmatian Age Helmets from Eastern Europe), in Stratum Plus, n.4, 2014, pp.249-284.

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