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Home > Auctions > 25th February 2020 > English Norman Coins - Henry I - Oxford / Hermien - Annulets Penny

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LOT 3531

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English Norman Coins - Henry I - Oxford / Hermien - Annulets Penny

1100 AD

BMC type i. Obv: facing bust with annulet each side of neck and +HINRI REX N legend. Rev: cross fleury and trefoils-with-piles with +HRMIENONOXNE legend for the moneyer Hermien at Oxford mint. 1.34 grams. Good very fine; slightly weak at centre obverse. Unique; this moneyer not previously recorded.

Found Droxford, Hampshire, 2019.
See Early Medieval Corpus, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, reference EMC 2019.0265 (this coin); see Portable Antiquities Scheme, reference HAMP-DFBE71 (ditto).
S. 1263; N. 857; see Allen, Dr Martin, The Mints and Moneyers of England and Wales, 1066-1158, BNJ 82, 2012 and Addenda, BNJ 86, 2016 (this moneyer not listed therein).
For this type at Oxford mint, only one other moneyer, Aeglnoth, has previously been recorded.