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Greek Hellenistic Gold Diadem

Antiquities - Greek

LOT 0103

GBP (£) 1,200 - 1,700
EUR (€) 1,340 - 1,890
USD ($) 1,580 - 2,240
Additional Fees*

Opening Bid: £1,080 (EUR 1,203; USD 1,421)
3rd-2nd century BC

A sheet gold diadem with repeating repoussé image of a temple(?) pediment with line of three shield-bearing warriors to the right, reclining figure among scrolled tendrils to the left, mask of Helios (Sol) with rays, bull's head flanked by couchant lions; median extension with facing figure of Nike (Victory) with helmet and spear, small winged figure bearing a wreath above her head; pierced at the outer edges. 10 grams total, 32cm overall (12 1/2").

Fair condition.

Property of a Middlesex lady; acquired on the London art market in 2007; formerly in a private collection formed in the 1980s.

Tuesday 23rd May 2017 to Saturday 27 May 2017 - Antiquities & Coins

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Lot No. 0103

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