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LOT 0047

GBP (£) 4,000 - 6,000
EUR (€) 4,610 - 6,920
USD ($) 5,570 - 8,350

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£4,000 (EUR 4,610; USD 5,568) (+bp*)

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Hellenistic Dancing Figure

2nd-1st century BC

A bronze figure of a grotesque hunchback, modelled in the round in a dancing posture; the figure has disproportionate anatomical features, adopting a wide gait, its large head tilted to one side, with expressive naturalistic features, one arm raised with the hand held in an expressive gesture with palm facing upwards, pronounced chest, slender waist, broad thighs, detailing to the hands and large genitals, small buttocks and muscular calves; mounted on a custom-made display stand. 295 grams total, 14.7cm including stand (5 3/4"). Fine condition.

Property of a gentleman living in central London; from the private Belgian collection of Mr M.A; this lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by AIAD certificate number no. 10720-175404.

See The Metropolitan Museum, accession number 12.229.6, for a broadly comparable grotesque; see Mitten and Doeringer edn., Master Bronzes From The Classical World, Germany, 1968, p.119 and p.123, for broadly comparable figures.