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LOT 0005

GBP (£) 300 - 400
EUR (€) 350 - 470
USD ($) 400 - 530

Sold for (Inc. bp): £305

Egyptian Greywacke Cosmetic Palette

Predynastic, 4th-3rd millennium BC

A carved Naqada cosmetic palette with broadly semi-circular body, rounded arms and a small circular piercing through the body for the stylus. 110 grams, 10.3cm (4"). Fair condition, chipped.

From the private collection of a medical professional; from the private collection of Mr A.; acquired circa 1980.

Exhibited: 'Voyage in Egypt' Museum of Prehistory of Merton, France, 4 August 1990, directed by Roger Gallaino.

Fashioned in the form of a stylised boat or aegis collar.