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Home > Auctions > 21st February 2023 > Medieval Gold 'Our Love Grows Ever Greater' Decorated Posy Ring

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LOT 0303

GBP (£) 1,000 - 1,400
EUR (€) 1,120 - 1,570
USD ($) 1,230 - 1,720

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£720 (EUR 807; USD 882) (+bp*)

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CIRCA 1400-1550 A.D.
3/4 in. (1.90 grams, 19.01 mm overall, 15.19 mm internal diameter (approximate size British I 1/2 , USA 4 1/2, Europe 8.07, Japan 7)).

A gold posy ring with convex outer face decorated in relief with two elongated oval cartouches flanked by floral tendrils and cross fleuretty motifs, the cartouches populated with an old French inscription in Gothic black letter script: 'toudis utyr', the utyr a spelling of Anglo-Norman 'outre' and therefore can be translate as the expression 'always greater' (ie. our love grows ever greater); hoop nicked.

Found whilst searching with a metal detector by Kevin Ford in December 2018 in South Oxfordshire, UK.

Accompanied by a copy of the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme Report (PAS) number OXON-726859.
Accompanied by a copy of the treasure report for H M Coroner with reference number 2019 T16.
Accompanied by a letter to HM Coroner for Oxfordshire from the Treasure Registrar at the British Museum disclaiming the Crown's interest in the ring with treasure reference number 2019 T16.

Published on the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme Database, record id. OXON-726859.