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LOT 0606

GBP (£) 10,000 - 14,000
EUR (€) 11,460 - 16,050
USD ($) 12,910 - 18,080

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Medieval Gold Jewelled Annular Brooch

14th century AD

A gold annular brooch with segmented ring comprising eight conical cells with hatched bosses between; the cells containing alternating rubies and sapphires set en cabochon; the tongue formed as a carinated tapering bar with transverse bolster to the base; John Cherry, former Keeper of Medieval and Later Antiquities at the British Museum says: 'Very nice example of a medieval gem set brooch. Well matching stones, ruby and sapphire. C14'. 6.68 grams, 29mm (1 1/8"). Extremely fine condition, small repair. Very rare.

Found near Shepperton, Chertsey, in the late 1980s; recorded with the British Museum at that time; formerly in the Moore collection since the late 1990s; formerly with Richard Lee, Chertsey, UK; accompanied by a provenance letter dated 4th March 2011, from P. L. Moore stating that it originally came with a copy of a letter from the Department of Medieval and later Antiquities at the British Museum, but now unfortunately misplaced, supplied with report No. TL004930, by gemological consultant Dr R. L. Bonewitz.

John Cherry, former Keeper of Medieval and Later Antiquities at the British Museum says: 'Medieval gold circular ring brooches set with six or eight stones, alternating blue and red (sapphires and either garnets or rubies), are very rare. The British Museum has one in the Franks bequest (AF 2683) set with four rubies and four sapphires with no provenance, but often said to be French. A gold brooch with four sapphires and four garnets was found in Manchester in 1971, and was published by John Cherry in M. Morris, Medieval Manchester (1983), 77-8. This is likely to have been English. Lastly, one was found near Ringwood, Hampshire in 1995 (with only six stones (garnets and sapphires).'; also see Egan, G. & Pritchard, F. Dress Accessories 1150-1450, p.248-255.

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