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LOT 0039

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Greek Goddess Eos Vase Fragment

540-530 BC

A ceramic Attic black-figure fragment from a Type B amphora, attributed to the circle of The Swing Painter (Schaukel-Maler) depicting a standing figure of Eos (the Dawn, Latin Aurora) with wings spread and face turned over the right shoulder, wearing a chiton with red detailing and a red band around the head, flanked by draped male figures of two standing ephebi. 262 grams, 21.5cm (8 1/2"). Fine condition, repaired.

Ex Rolf Blatter collection, Berne, Switzerland, before 1969.
Cf. Blatter, R., Neue Werke des Schaukel-Malers, AA 1969, 70, fig. 1; Böhr, E., Der Schaukelmaler (Mainz, 1982) 105, cat. no. U 10 (Umkreis des Schaukelmalers), 59 note 13, 73-74 note 532, pl. 155a; Bonhams, London, 7 July 2016, lot 17.
According to Greek mythology this goddess, personification of the Dawn, at the end of each night arrives from the east on a chariot pulled by two horses (Faetonte and Lampo). Homer describes her intent to open the gates of heaven for the sun to rise, dressed in a saffron-coloured robe embroidered or woven with flowers, with rosy fingers and golden arms. She is depicted in Greek ceramics as a beautiful woman, crowned with a tiara or diadem on the head and with large bird wings. Eos, during a walk in the city of Troy, glimpsed Tito, a young man of extraordinary beauty. One day she kidnapped him bringing him to Ethiopia. From their union were born two sons, Emation and Memnon, the latter, prince of Ethiopians, was killed by Achilles in the Trojan War. Since that day, every morning Eos inconsolably weeps for his own son and her tears form the dew.