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LOT 1275

GBP (£) 500 - 700
EUR (€) 580 - 810
USD ($) 700 - 970

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£450 (EUR 519; USD 626) (+bp*)

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Chinese Gilt Framed Paintings on Stone

19th century AD

A gilt wood panel framing twelve painted marble(?) tiles on both sides; the tiles feature Chinese text on both sides, together with figural paintings in vivid colours to one side, and landscape scenes in pastel colours to the other; suspension loops to one side. 2.9 kg, 43 x 46.5cm (17 x 18 1/4"). Fair condition, two paintings cracked, frame chipped.

Property of a London gentleman; formerly with the Mahboubian Gallery, London, UK; acquired before 1972.

The text displayed in this piece was created to showcase the calligraphic skills of the writer and to demonstrate the fact that they were well-read; one panel quotes an excerpt from Ming Dynasty writer Tao Hongming's Rhapsody on Exploring Mountains. The quotation reads: 'They can only be admired and enjoyed by myself, but they are not worth holding in my hands and presenting to you, my lord.'