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LOT 0636

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Roman Figural Mount with Putto and Cockerel

1st-2nd century AD

A fragment of bronze vessel with high-relief figural scene of a putto grappling a cockerel; silver inserts to the putto's eyes. 6.2 grams, 19mm (3/4"). Fine condition.

Property of a West Sussex, UK, gentleman; found by his grandfather in West Sussex in the early 1990s.

See Rolland, H., Bronzes Antiques de Haute Provence, Paris, 1965, items from 289 to 297, for comparable applique of the vessels.

The handles of the funeral urns, in the Imperial Roman period, were attached to the main body of the vases by means of appliqués inserted on the edge or on the lower part of the belly. This terminal part of the handle was often shaped in a triangular manner and adorned with mythological scenes, such as the wild boar hunt visible on the urn from Montbrun-les-Bains (Rolland, 1965, item 297) or hunting cupids, as in this example. The motif of the hunting putto is constantly found in Roman art, where the cupids and animals are the agents of a visual strategy of incompletion, and in contrast to the wandering, working, supporting cupids of the vines, they give the idea of the swift movement, tension and uncertainty.