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LOT 0059

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Etruscan-Lazio Genucilia Plate

c.4th-3rd century BC

An Etruscan high-footed shallow plate of pale brown clay, flared rim with wide, everted lip, supported by a short stem and widened foot with thick edge and concave top; interior decorated with a stylised four-armed star motif, trefoil pellets in each quarter, crested waves around; irregularly fired with black and red pigment; rim varnished black. 250 grams, 14.2cm wide (5 1/2"). Fine condition, foot repaired.

Acquired before 1968.
C.F. Maino collection, Medrisio, Switzerland, by descent.
With Galerie Ostracon, Thalwil, Switzerland.
Private Australian collection.
Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Ostracon Gallery, Thalwil, Switzerland.
Accompanied by a copy of the previous collector's cataloguing document.

This plate belongs to the so-called Genucilia ware, which consists of a large number of plates on a low foot and without handles. Etruscan Genucilia ware was first classified by Sir John Beazley in his work Etruscan Vase Painting (Oxford, 1947). The name applied to the plates is derived from an example with a female head bearing a dipinto under the foot. This ware has been found in large quantities throughout Latium and Etruria particularly in Caere, Falerii and Rome, and frequently found both in tombs, votive deposits, and buildings related to workshops and sanctuaries, as well as domestic contexts.