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Home > Auctions > 24th November 2020 > Western Asiatic Cylinder Seal Group with Hero, Archer, Animals and Geometric Designs

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Western Asiatic Cylinder Seal Group with Hero, Archer, Animals and Geometric Designs

31st-8th century BC

A mixed group of cylinder seals, serpentine (1), limestone (3), drilled vertically for suspension; each is accompanied by a museum-quality impression and a typed and signed scholarly note issued by the late W.G. Lambert, Professor of Assyriology at the University of Birmingham, 1970-1993, which state: 'Seal of black stone. The design on this seal is a pattern of lines and shapes. In the middle is a frieze of two rhombs containing a dot within circle, and above and below are filling strokes derived from this frieze, with a dot and horizontal strokes at the end. This comes from either Iran or west central Asia and dates to c.3000 B.C. It is related to the Sumerian Jemdet Nasr style. It has one rubbed portion on one side at one end, but otherwise it is in very good condition. (U-110)'; 'Seal of black stone. A contest scene is shown. In the middle is a hero on one knee fighting off a lion sitting on its back side behind him, and a similarly seated winged quadruped in front of him, with a bush between them. There is a star in the sky, and a bird on the wing(?) is a filler. There is a one-line cuneiform inscription: dutu=Shamesh (the sun-god) This is an Old Babylonian seal, c.1900-1600 B.C. In detail it is an unusual design, but it is worn. (U-376)'; 'Seal of grey-green stone. The design shows a standing archer in human form but winged aiming at a composite creature in front of him: a bird's legs and body, but human head and wings. There is a crescent, a star, a wedge and other fillers. The design is put between upper and lower bands of chevrons. This is a Neo-Assyrian seal, c.900-750 B.C. It is a fine example of its kind, but is very worn, especially at the bottom. (U-664)'; 'Seal of black/green stone. The design consists of a frieze of three walking horned quadrupeds with horizontal lines above them. This is a seal in the Sumerian Jemdet Nasr style, c.3000 B.C., from Mesopotamia or neighbouring area. The design is clear but the stone is worn.(V-897)' 32 grams, 16-36mm (1/2 - 1 1/2"). Fine condition. [4]

The Signo collection, the property of a West London businessman, formed in the late 1980s-early 1990s; item number V-110, V-376, V-664, V-897; academically researched and catalogued by the late Professor Lambert in the early 1990s; and accompanied by four copies of a typed and signed scholarly notes by the Professor.