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LOT 1059

Sold for (Inc. bp): £29,040

(859 grams, 27cm (excluding stand)).

A large and finely carved double-armed red coral branch; designed to be viewed in the round; the left-side arm depicting, to the front, detailed foliage with flowers; a plume of feathers to the top; a naturalistically carved carp suspended, with integral loop and attached to a chain, the links carved from the same single piece of coral without joins; two youthful figures, one with elaborate jewellery, holding a ruyi sceptre; below, the other with hair in two buns, hands joined in a gesture of respect, seated on a large flower; at the base, a finely carved lotus. To the reverse of the left-side branch, detailed foliage with flowers; a naturalistically carved carp; a small songbird perched on a branch. To the front of the right-side branch, an adult figure, probably a Buddhist saint or deity, wearing a diadem and large earrings, a sphere in the right hand, the left hand stretched upwards, an urna to the forehead; draped in finely carved robes; above, an elaborate lotus with a small dog seated, and a youthful figure with elaborate hairstyle, in diving pose with the feet above, decorated boots to the feet, a small lotus in the right hand. To the reverse of the right-side branch, a bearded dragon at the base; elaborately carved foliage above, with an ornate sceptre with ribbon decoration; a lotus flower; the coral carving standing on a later period carved and varnished red wood two-part stand depicting stylised waves in the round with a leaping fish to the uppermost part and brass wire scroll inlay to the basal edge (small chip to edge of one of the four stand feet).

Property of a London collector by inheritance; acquired before 1930.