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Home > Auctions > 7th September 2021 > Celtic Iron Age Coins - Catuvellauni - Tasciovanus - Tascio Rigon Variant Gold Stater

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LOT 8000

GBP (£) 4,000 - 6,000
EUR (€) 4,700 - 7,050
USD ($) 5,570 - 8,360

Bid History: 1   |   Current bid: £3,150

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Bid History: 1   |   Current bid: £3,150

Celtic Iron Age Coins - Catuvellauni - Tasciovanus - Tascio Rigon Variant Gold Stater

25 BC-10 AD

Obv: TASCI / RICOIN in two lines within double tablet with pellets and loops at ends, set over vertical wreath. Rev: helmetted warrior in chain mail riding horse left, looking back over shoulder to right, holding sword and long shield (behind tail); pellet-in-rosette before, pellet-in-ring below. 5.44 grams. Good very fine; slight wear at obverse centre. Extremely rare variant.

Found near Great Munden, Bedfordshire, UK, 1984; accompanied by a copy of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) report no.BH-AF9C60; this lot has been checked against the Interpol Database of stolen works of art and is accompanied by AIAD certificate number no.10830-178264.

See Portable Antiquities Scheme, reference PAS BH-AF9C60 (this coin; printout of entry included).

See S. 219; BMC 1628; M. 184; VA 1780-1, 3 and ABC 2577 for type.

This coin shows what is perhaps the rarest of the several variant legend forms to the obverse and the even edges of the slightly oval flan, lacking the splitting and irregularity so often seen combined with the excellent centring, results in a most attractive coin showing almost the entire die details; offered with a commentary and listing of known examples of all variants.