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LOT 0010

GBP (£) 600 - 800
EUR (€) 690 - 920
USD ($) 760 - 1,020

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£240 (EUR 277; USD 305) (+bp*)

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LATE PERIOD, 664-332 B.C.
9 5/8 in. (129 grams total, 24.5 cm high including stand).

With loops to the rim and short chains hanging from a hook finial; upper register with solar barque; the body with figure of priapic god Amun-Min and offerant before an offering table; lotus-flower motif to the base; mounted on a custom-made stand.

Ex S.M. collection, Israel.
Ex Ancient Art, London N14, UK.
Private collection of Mr T.H., Norfolk, UK.

Accompanied by a previous dealer's certificate of authenticity.

Cf. similar item in considerably worse condition in the collection of the British Museum under accession no.1881,0830.519.