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British Anglo-Saxon - Series N, Type 41b - Sceatta

Coins - Saxon and Viking

LOT 190

GBP (£) 200 - 300
EUR (€) 230 - 340
USD ($) 280 - 420
Additional Fees*

Sold for (Inc. premium): £506


C. 710-760 AD. Series N, Type 41b 'Monster' Sceatta. Obv: two standing figures facing, holding three cross pommee crosses, elongated arms at sides. Rev: monster left with its head facing back (right), body outlined with pellets, rear leg raised up under front leg tucked in to the chest. 1.08 grams.

Near extremely fine and toned.

S. 810; M. 368-72 [this coin far superior].

"The crouched animals featured on Continental Series X and on the secondary Series N,O,Q, and Type 40 turn their heads backwards, a traditional position of ancient animal representation of the nomads of the Steppes, and from them ultimately transmitted, via several mediators, to the Germanic repertoire. Apart from any possible religious/magical connotation, from the practical point of the die cutter, the arrangement makes it easier for the animal to fit in a roundel."
Professor D. M. Metcalf writes: "The arguments for and against a London attribution are these: N appears to have been a substantial issue, and its mint place is accordingly likely to have been an important commercial centre. Further, and more cogently, it attracted so much imitation as to suggest that it was perceived by user (particularly north of the Thames) as enjoying a high commercial status. That again points to the probability that it belonged to a major centre."

Friday 19th March 2010 at The Swedenborg Hall Antiquities & Coins

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Friday 19th March 2010 at The Swedenborg Hall Antiquities & Coins

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