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Home > Auctions > 7th September 2021 > Egyptian Blue Faience Shabti with Hieroglyphs

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LOT 0010

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£900 (EUR 1,058; USD 1,254) (+bp*)

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Egyptian Blue Faience Shabti with Hieroglyphs

Late Period, 664-332 BC

A pale blue shabti with finely modelled facial features, wig and beard; hands crossed, holding agricultural implements and seed bag to the left shoulder; plain dorsal pillar and square base, eight bands of hieroglyphic text of Chapter 6 (the 'shabti chapter') of the Book of the Dead to the lower body; mounted on a display stand. 173 grams total, 19cm including stand (7 1/2"). Fine condition.

From an important English collection; previously in an old UK collection, since the 1970s.

See The Metropolitan Museum, accession number 66.99.189, for a similar shabti; see The British Museum, museum number EA56580, for a similar shabti.

Placed in the tombs of the deceased, shabtis were funerary figurines which awaited the instruction of the deceased in the afterlife; the inscription born by the figure often related to the type of task it might be called upon to undertake.