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LOT 0065

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USD ($) 910 - 1,170

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Greek Applique of Papposilenus

5th-4th century BC

A bronze appliqué of Papposilenus in the form of a facing mask, two ram horns over his abundant hair, long pointed ears, well curated beard, eyes and mouth open for fastening; probably an item of furniture for bronze and wooden doors. 72 grams total, 90mm including stand (3 1/2"). Fair condition, repaired.

Previously in a private German collection, between 2015-2016; formerly in the collection of S. K., since 1986.
See Hedreen, G., 'Myths of Ritual in Athenian Vase-Paintings of Silens', in: The Origins of Theater in Ancient Greece and Beyond: From Ritual to Drama, Cambridge University Press, 2007, p. 151; parallels with terracotta masks of Sylenus from Taranto, as displayed in Trieste, Museo Civico di Antichita' (1873-1910).
Σιληνός, Silēnós, or Seileno (in ancient Greek: Σειληνός, Seilēnós), is a character from Greek mythology and corresponds to the old rustic god of wine-making and drunkenness prior to Dionysus, of which is the main retainer. Papposilenus is a representation of Silenus that emphasises his old age, particularly as a stock character in satyr play or comedy.